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Oil Black Leaf 'Conex' Extractor Size S
Oil Black Leaf 'Conex' Extractor Size S
Oil Black Leaf 'Conex' Extractor Size S
Oil Black Leaf 'Conex' Extractor Size S
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 The 'CONEX' extractor from 'OIL Black Leaf' is made of the best heat-resistant glass. It extracts finest concentrates such as oil or wax using butane gas. Instead of butane gas, we recommend the use of dimethyl ether (eg. 'DEXSO D.M.E.') as it is less explosive and therefore less dangerous than butane gas. In addition, the effect is more efficient. The 'CONEX' conveniently has a reusable glass filter screen so extraction can start immediately:

Turn it up, fill the extractor, tighten screen and ring and put on protective gloves. Then hold the 'CONEX' over a heat resistant drip tray, place the gas bottle on the small opening on the other side and empty the complete gas cylinder into the extractor. Soon, the concentrate drips through the screen into the drip tray. When the gas is completely evaporated, the product is ready. After extracting, remove the residues from the extractor and then another extraction process can be started directly.

If you place the 'CONEX' on the table, it will not roll away due to the roll stopper. The size S is intended for up to 60g plant material, depending on how dry and finely ground the herbs are.

Attention: Do not overfill or pack tightly! The use of the Extractor is at your own risk!

Height: 200mm

Diameter: 50mm

Here you'll find the dimethyl ether.

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